Watchful waiting” refers to the practice of holding off on treatment of prostate cancer upon diagnosis, preferring to try and monitor the status of the cancer, delaying treatment for as long as possible, until tests show that the cancer may be growing to the point where it would be dangerous to let it go any longer. For older men, in their 70s and 80s, treatment may not be in the cards in any case, as most men in this age group would likely die of something else. Watchful waiting is controversial for younger men because waiting too long could allow the cancer to escape the prostate gland. Tests to monitor the growth of the slow-growing cancer, such as PSA, biopsy and MRI, are not infallible. Watchful waiting — also called active surveillance — does not mean doing nothing. In addition to getting regular PSA tests and biopsies, many men modify their diets and take a number of vitamins and supplements thought to help retard the growth of prostate cancer. Whether these dietary actions actually help is unproven.