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  1. Ray

    I had that follow-up MRI last week that I spoke about in an earlier post. The PI-Rad number was not good- a 14. So now I’m
    getting a targeted MRI next month. However I have to wait 5 weeks for it. I was hoping to get it sooner. Your thoughts would be
    appreciated. Thanks.

    • Michael Lasalandra

      I apologize but I Don’t know qhat a PI Rad number is.

  2. Bob

    Thank you for the website, some good content here.
    I’m 53 with a PSA of 4.1, free PSA 17 and Gleason score 3+3 (3 cores positive) father passed of prostate cancer at age 60 (terrible diet and chain smoker). Doctor says radical prostectomy is best option. Thoughts?

    • Michael Lasalandra

      If I were you I think I might go for watchful waiting. A Gleason 6 isn’t bad. However, the fact that your father died of PC at age 60 is something to be mindful of. I started WW at age 53 and am still doing it. However, my father, though he did have PC, did not die of it. He died at 88 of an unrelated matter.

    • Bob

      Michael, thank you so much for the quick reply. I have a consultation appointment with my urologist at the end of March and will make a decision afterwards. For now sites like yours have been very helpful in gathering info.

  3. Ray

    Thanks Michael for this great website. Great information here. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Gleason 3+3 Psa -5.8.
    For a couple of years psa bounced around in the 4’s then 5.0 then 6 months later 5.8. Biopsy two cores cancerous out 12.
    Total & free psa came in at 14. Under 10 not good-over 25 no cancer. So this test got it right-right on the money. Who says
    psa’s are not accurate? From previous posts it sounds like I have my answer but I wanted to share. MRI in May.

  4. Zoe

    Hi Michael! First of all thank you very much for your web site. Now, to the problem. My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer yesterday. We were in shock. But today after he went to work I got on the Internet and started to dig :) He is 59 yo. PSA is 5.5. Gleason is 6 (3+3). tumor measures 0.5 mm, one core involved. 12 samples were taken, one is positive. No perineural invasion found. Your opinion? Thank you very much for any info.

    • Michael Lasalandra

      Not much to worry about. A lot of people don’t even consider a 3+3 to be cancer. Just follow it along. No treatment needed for a long time, maybe never.

  5. JT

    I’m 59 yrs old. psa twice over 7, first time in september this year, 2nd time at the end of november 2015. In biopsy in october 3 scores out of 12 positive. Diagnosed as Gleason 6, magnet “clean”. No symptoms. Doctor ordered watch and wait with the next psa in three months and new magnet in 6 months. What do you think? Thank you for the site. Br JT

    • Gary

      HI JT, what do you mean by magnet?? Does anyone know if a gleason 6 can become worse even if psa stays the same? Or will a psa always go up if worsens?

  6. Gary

    54 year old with some reduction in sexual area and urinary stream not as strong, but nothing serious. PSA 4 w/biopsy 7 of 12 with prostatic ranging from 8 percent to 40 percent and gleason 6. URO rec Prostatectomy. I didn’t agree and decided to go with the watchful waiting, but did get another appointment for a second opinion. I just can’t see losing the prostate and experiencing all the possible negative side effects when things are working relatively well. I have done a lot of reading on the topic and think WW is the best option. Is Genetic testing of biopsy something that a person should look into? Any thoughts? Thanks, Gary

    • Michael Lasalandra

      Gleason 6 suggests watchful waiting would be ok; however, 7 or 12 cores positive is a concern. I would get a second opinion not from a urologist but from a medical oncologist who specializes in genitourinary cancers. Yes, a genetic test might be helpful. There is one called Prolaris that I am thinking of having soon.

  7. Michael Lasalandra

    Forgive me for not responding to posts for several months; I was not being notified of them.

  8. Larry Found

    Is this Blog still active? 63 in good health. Increase in PSA 6 years ag0. Rise under 4 but referred to a Uro and immediate biopsy. 15 cores, 13 normal 2 with High grade PIN. Urg wanted another biopsy. PSA dropped to 2.9 so I deferred the biopsy. 4 years of 6 month PSA and rectal exam. PSA remain around 4 (BPH -63gams-and BPH symptoms which are progressing negatively). PSA in April up to 7.5 followed by a second biopsy (MRI guided) 20 cores with 2, 3+3 Gleason, cancer grade t1c, Active Surveillance?

    • Michael Lasalandra

      Yes still active but was having a problem getting comments. Yes you are good for active surveillance in my opinion.

  9. Larry

    Is this web site still active? Nothing since Dec 2014.
    Will it be updated with new info?
    Has anyone tried the advertised “Super Beta Prostate”? (free bottle)

  10. Adetoba

    How to get an help from (medical center Isreal) to get rid of this prostate gland enlargement . I am an old man , please i need HELP

    • Michael Lasalandra

      You can take a drug like Avodart or have a procedure wuch as TUNA or TURP.

  11. SM

    After several PSA tests in the mid 4s, I flew 3000 miles from home to get a MRI guided biopsy and when i returned home saw a new urologist who ordered a new PSA test; completed 9 days post procedure. It came in at 13.5. My biopsy showed 1 out of 12 cores under 5% malignancy, gleason 6. The urologist who did the biopsy said that he recommended active surveillance. I am wondering why the urologists ordered the PSA so soon after the biopsy as I read that this is unreliable.

    • Michael Lasalandra

      No idea why doc ordered repeat psa so quick; hope you are on active surveillance and sorry took so long to respond. Had a problem with site.

  12. Dennis

    Just got gleason 6 with 8 samples only one had 5% adenocarcinoma with 6.3 psa. Non palpable and immediately told to get surgery. This was even tho doc said another biopsy could come back negative (just how that would resolve anything I don’t know).
    My question is what are the major changes that occur to make G6’s later elect to have surgery. In other words if I watch and wait what am I looking for. My apology because I know this has been answered before.

    • Michael Lasalandra

      You are looking for rising PSA, more cores positive on future biopsies, or change in Gleason grade on future biopsies.

  13. C Worstall

    53 yr old man father dx with PC 19 yrs ago – radiation , no recurrence
    I get annual screenings. I had a rise in PSA- it was 4.8 , normal DRE- Biopsy was told rt apex, 2 of 12 cores Gleason score 6
    I wasn’t told of perineural invasion but before we discuss treatment doctor wants bone and cat scan…

  14. Rick in PA

    Hi, What do you think of this: 57 years old, PSA 5.6 so I had a biopsy. 12/12 cores positive at various levels, 100% down to 65%. Gleason 6 on each core.
    Wait or action?

    • Michael Lasalandra

      12 of 12 a problem. Hope youve done something. Sorry i didnt get to this in a timely fashion, there was a problem with the site that I was unawate if.

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