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  1. Larry

    Can PC be cured, or contained, using watchful waiting? My stats indicate maybe. I am 71 and have had 3 biopsies over 6 years. My first biopsy (6 cores) indicated 5%, Gleason 3+3=6. My 2nd and 3rd biopsies (12 cores ea) indicated no tumors present. Three cores indicated rare atypical glands present but technically acceptable and no tumors found. Urologist suggests continued PSA every 6 months, and another biopsy in 3 years. Current PSA 4.3. Eating mostly vegetarian, exercise, and taking prostate support supplements.

    • Michael

      it is possible your second and third biopsies just missed the tumors that are still there. However, depending on how strict your diet and exercise program is, you may have shrunk your tumors. Dean Ornish has proven this can be done following his diet.

  2. Michael Lasalandra

    Welcome to the new version of my web site. The site crashed a few months ago and some of the most recent posts were lost forever. Now, it is up and running and can accept new posts. Welcome back!

  3. bill smith

    Good site. I would suggest along with PSA, do a PSA% free and PAP. My PSA varies, due to different labs, but probably more so because of BPH. The other two have remained more constant. I believe in doing PSAs (and others mentioned), but the trick is to not panic. In 15 years my highest and lowest came within 6 months of each other. I have been AS for 10 years now. Am little concerned that psa average is slowly rising, but still around 7. Good luck guys.

  4. Richard

    I have had three MRIS tests. After the last, Dr. Wheeler in Sarasota suggested I get HIFU by him. It would cost $32,000 since I would have to go outside the country because it’s not approved here. I’m trying to get another opinion and contacted Dr. Chen at Fox-Case Philadelphia. I’m skeptical about seeing him in May since I ‘m told he is a surgeon and that HIFU isn’t the first choice. I am looking for a prostate oncologist to help me with AS and used the list in the book “Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers” to help find one. I’d like to hear opinions on the situations I’m describing.

  5. Brian

    I am closed with yours Adam, I am 42. I have Gleason 6 too. My urologist accidentally found it when he did biospy since I have OAB and bladder neck obstruction. He told me not too worry about it and asked me to do psa again in Jun 2013. So please consult your urologist carefully before taking surgery action which may not be necessary. By the way, what was your main reason to take the bladder incision? Is there any improvement after this? Please share more details. Thanks

  6. Raquel Epstein

    My husband has just been told he has been detected with prostate cancer – Gleeson score of < 6 —- you say you also are a score of 6 but you do not mention anything regarding staging which is more important that gleeson score – as staging gives you a more detailed idea of how bad the cancer is & whether it has spread to other parts of the body – I am very interested to know what your staging has been – please ?

  7. Adam

    First of all, I am 44. Last week I had a neck bladder incision and TURP performed. My surgeon called today and said they found I have Gleason 6. Up until today I hadn’t even heard of Gleason 6 (or any of his relations, 1-10). Hi is suggesting a biopsy and then if it is confirmed – surgery. Having done just a little reading – that scares the heck outa me. Problem as I understand it is my age. Should someone my age be a wait and watch candidate? By the way my PSA is somewhere between 11 and 13 depending on whether I’m fasting or not. Comments welcomed. Thank you, Adam

  8. Edward N.

    I stopped in to see my urologist and asked for his opinion about my reduced PSA and the jump to near normal of my “free PSA.” Did he believe it was the year-long course of antibiotics following two UTIs or the 6 months of tumeric mixed with black pepper. He answered that it was most likely the tumeric (specifically the compound, “curcumin”);
    . I am continuing the twice daily teaspoon of tumeric mixed with black pepper and tomato juice. I was a bit surprised by the doctor’s somewhat ambivalent reaction to the new numbers. A 3.8 PSA is high, but it’s not unusual for a 60-yr-old man with an enlarged prostate. My free PSAS went from the low teens to 21%, close to the ideal of 25%. Bruce Paul, my uncle has experienced his own problems following any number of biopsies. He is 82, in a wonderful relationship with a great woman, and has been impotent for a few years. Doctors could not explain any reason for his impotence and it’s been suggested that a major nerve on his prostate was nicked during a biopsy. Overall, PSA testing seems to create more problems than it resolves.

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